If you’ve quibbled over whether Watch Dogs 2 is for you, fear not. A three-hour free trial has been added to the Playstation 4 now (and Xbox One on January 24), to let you get a taste before smacking down your hard-earned cash.

The trial lets you access everything in the game including the story, co-op missions and the multiplayer events. Assuming you get to them in time, of course. If you like the game and buy it after the trial, you’ll be able to pick up from where you left off.

I really dug Watch Dogs 2. While there are some thematic elements that bugged me, the characters alone made it worthwhile. Factor in the improved hacking controls and the non-lethal approaches and what you’ve got is an absolute belter of a sequel that improves on the first game in almost every way. It isn’t particularly linked story-wise to the first game either, so feel free to jump in if you’re a series newbie too.

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