Dark Souls 3 is getting its final piece of DLC, The Ringed City, on March 28 for all platforms.

The DLC will include a whole new region which is said to be at the literal ends of the world. If you’re particularly sensitive to Dark Souls spoilers, don’t read on. Just know it will be out on March 28, and there will also be a special Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Game of the Year Edition on April 21, which includes the base game and DLCs Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City.

Lore spoilers below.


For those of you who don’t care about lore spoilers, The Ringed City will take place at the end of the Age of Fire, the maintaining of which has been the overarching theme of all three games. As the world draws to a close, you go in pursuit of Slave Knight Gael (from the previous DLC) to the Ringed City, trying to track down the actual dark souls of humanity.

There will be new areas, new enemies and new weapons, armour and magic to kill and/or be killed with. Price hasn’t been announced yet, and we don’t know just where the DLC will be hooked into the main game, but those who have the season pass will get it included, naturally.

Honestly, this DLC sounds super interesting to me as someone with a very love-hate relationship to the series. This is potentially the last bit of Dark Souls we ever see, and the description makes it sound much more lore and story-heavy than usual, maybe with the aim of tying up some of the many lose ends we’ve had over the years.

It feels like we’ll be seeing the end of an age both within the game and in the real world when The Ringed City launches on March 28.

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