The first teaser trailer for The Division’s last announced expansion, Last Stand, all but confirms recent leaks suggesting team-based PvP modes are on the way.

While short, the trailer shows two groups of agents, one donned in red and one donned in blue, fighting for control over points. The end of the trailer has computer guide ISAC saying “fortification has been enabled at alpha”. If that doesn’t scream capture points to you, I don’t know what would.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since datamines gave hints that instance-based PvP modes were coming. Subtitles were found with phrases such as “one minute left, act quickly”, “zone alpha is in enemy hands” and “rogue agents have seized zone bravo”. At the time we weren’t sure as to whether these were related to Last Stand, an upcoming patch or were just leftovers from abandoned development, but now it’s all clicking into place.

We’ll be finding out more about Last Stand in a State of the Game stream at 4PM GMT tomorrow (January 19). Release dates or further details for the expansion or the upcoming 1.6 update, which is set to overhaul PvP mechanics in a big way, aren’t known yet.

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