Unown, Porygon2, Bellossum, Steelix, Scizor and Slowking might be making their way to Pokemon Go next, if a recent datamine is to be believed.

In a datamine analysed by The Silph Road, a currently reliable source of Pokemon Go-related leaks, mention was found of the five evolution items that have long been associated with five of the six pokemon suggested. There are no assets related to the items yet, but they’re mentioned within the code. The items are:

  • Upgrade, which turns Porygon into Porygon 2
  • Metal Coat, which turns Onyx into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor
  • Sun Stone, which turns Gloom into Bellossum
  • King’s Rock, which turns Slowpoke into Slowking

The sixth pokemon, Unown, is referenced more directly directly. The code mentions every known Unown form (A-Z, question and exclamation marks). For those unaware, Unown is a pokemon that has alternate appearances to represent every letter of the alphabet, plus a few bits of punctuation thrown in for good measure. It’s not a strong or a rare pokemon, but it was one of the series’ first true “gimmick” pokemon and so is pretty special in its own regard.

This not only paves the way for Unown itself, but also any other pokemon with multiple forms such as Castform, Rotom and Burmy in future generations. It’s unclear as to how forms will work within the game right now – will you need to catch every form separately for completion? Will forms be region-specific? It’s a scary proposition for some, exciting for others, that’s for dang sure.

The datamine also introduces new moves such as Volt Switch, Fire Spin, Sky Attack and Foul Play. All in all 38 moves have been added, which is the biggest addition of new moves since Go came out last summer. Finally, there’s various tweaks and further work on the upcoming shiny pokemon system.

As always with datamines, this should not be considered an announcement or confirmation of anything. Features can be cancelled at any time during development and still linger on within the game’s files, so consider this a rumour until it’s confirmed officially by Niantic.

Still no sign of Ursaring though, which makes me sad.


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