The Pokemon Company just released a surprise new game for mobile devices, Pokemon Duel.

Available as a free-to-play title on iOS and Android, Pokemon Duel is a strategy game that appears to be at least partially inspired by the long-since-dead collectible figure game.

The game sees you create a team of six pokemon (in the form of digital figures, that’s where the comparison to the TFG comes from), and then compete with others in what sounds like a six vs. six game of British Bulldog across multiple routes.


Attacks are decided by spinning a ‘data disk’, with whatever attack it lands on being the one that’s carried out to give the whole thing a bit of a luck-based twist. There’s also ‘plates’ that can be used at the start of the turns to give buffs and swap positions with teammates.

Of course, this being a F2P mobile game, plates and new pokemon can be bought through booster pack microtransactions. If buying direct doesn’t float your boat, you can buy the inevitable ‘gem’ currency that can also be used by deconstructing earned materials or completing daily quests. Boosters can be earned by winning ‘League Matches’ too, but we all know the deal with mobile microtransactions by now.

I’m still not entirely sure what it is despite seeing it with my own eyes, but… hooray? Pokemon Duel is available on mobile platforms right now.

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