EA’s ducking out of E3 again this year, instead opting to host its own EA Play show around the same time.

EA Play will be hosted on June 10-12 at the Hollywood Palladium, and should contain the usual annual deluge of new games, DLC, and probably something about sports games for eighty hours while we all take a nap. E3 runs from June 13-15 in a different part of Los Angeles, so there’s no breathing room at all following the conclusion of the Play event.

Talking to GamesIndustry.biz, EA’s corporate communications VP John Reseburg confirmed the Play event is more or less all EA will be doing during the E3 season, and it won’t be having a presence at the event itself:

“EA Play was such a powerful platform for us last year to connect with our player community. We learned a ton, and we wanted to build on everything we loved about last year’s event to make EA Play 2017 even better.”

2016 saw EA take itself away from the event… and plonk itself right next door and host the EA Play conference at pretty much the exact same time as the other conferences were going on. It was a neat event that was virtually no different for those watching online from a standard E3 conference.

We did get that Battlefield 1 stream where celebs like Zac Effron and Snoop Dogg were high as shit, though, so that was nice.

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