You’ll be able to play the semi-MMO shooter The Division for free this weekend, assuming you play on PC.

From the 15th to the 18th of December, it’ll be available for free to everyone, and you can pre-load it on Uplay right now. The trial period will include the whole base game, including the story (that can be played solo or in 4-player co-op), side-missions and the Dark Zone PVP area.

It doesn’t include the DLC content, though, so you won’t get to play some of the end-game Incursions (raids), dungeon-crawling Underground, or the excellent Survival mode. But that’s okay, as it might take you the whole weekend to work your way up to the end-game anyways. There’s a lot of stuff in the base game as it is.

On the plus side, Ubisoft says your progress will be kept should you decide to buy the game later on. As is usually the case with free weekend promotions, the game will be on discount; both the basic game and the Gold Edition that includes the season pass will be 50% off.

As you may have noticed by my recent LPVG output, I absolutely love The Division. It had a shaky time since launch, but the last few updates have made the game well worth your time again. I’ve played an ungodly amount of time of it in the last couple of months, so other people getting the chance to try it out is fine by me, even if it means the Dark Zone might be a bit more hectic this weekend.


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