Review: Razer Deathadder Elite

Worth every penny.

While it’s not the most feature-filled mouse in the world, the Razer Deathadder Elite is one of the best, if not the best, mid-budget gaming mice.

I review a lot of mice, which means I have to spend time adapting to a lot of different mice in a short amount of time. Usually that comes with at least a couple of days of discomfort while changing my grip, but I had no such problems with the Elite.


Ergonomically it fits my hand’s natural hybrid claw grip really nicely, and I haven’t noticed any sort of straining or cramps in the weeks I’ve been using it. The macro buttons on the left flank are positioned nicely, and the indentations of the main button s themselves form a nice groove for my fingers. The only other mouse in this price range that could possibly be compared to this in terms of comfort is the CoolerMaster CM Storm Recon, which still doesn’t even come close.

However, I have large hands with fingers that like to spread out a lot. While the fit is fine for me, for those with smaller hands it might prove a bit too big. This is a common complaint we’ve seen with Razer’s stuff, for example the Man O’ War headset was a perfect fit for me, but much too big for Vikki.


For those with smaller hands it might prove a bit too big.

The rest of the build quality is impressive too, considering the price. The braided cable feels sturdy but also slick enough to be pulled around a mousemat, the LEDs are incredibly vibrant, there’s a good balance of weight across the device, and the plastic doesn’t feel particularly cheap. I’ve not noticed any cursor drift that can occur on mice when the cable stiffens when not in use, which is a good sign of high-quality feet.

As usual, Razer Synapse is a decent, comprehensive configuration program. The Deathadder Elite is Chroma-enabled and so can change its LED lighting for certain games, but I’ve always just left it on a nice gradient fade across the entire colour spectrum. It can sync up with other Chroma-enabled devices, so I’ve got a pretty neat lightshow across my keyboard and mouse.


The lights are incredibly bright, so I had to often cover it up at night.

One problem I did have at first, which has since seemingly been fixed, was the LEDs not turning off when the PC was shut down. The lights are incredibly bright, so I had to often cover it up at night or else the glare would keep me awake. I’m not sure if this was just a problem that resolved itself on my end or something that was fixed through a driver update, and so it feels worth mentioning.

Numbers-wise, the Deathadder Elite is impressive. With up to a maximum of 16000 DPI and a polling rate of up to 1000hz, it’s a quick and responsive mouse. I’ve tried it across a whole range of games (mainly Rainbow Six Siege and The Division, because I am still utter trash for The Division) and have had no issues with aiming or sensitivity. A good mouse isn’t going to necessarily make you a better player, and so the best you can hope for with any mouse is that you don’t even notice it while playing. The Deathadder Elite achieves this nicely, feeling natural and smooth with any game I tested it on.

Razer’s got a nice thing going on at the moment with its mid-range budget peripherals. It doesn’t have the fancy features of more expensive mice, but the Deathadder Elite is most definitely the best mouse you can get for under £65. With a comfortable grip, stylish design and responsive functionality, it’s almost impossible for me to recommend anything else if you’re on a tighter budget.

A review unit was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.

Manufacturer: Razer

Price: £69.99 RRP

Input: 1x USB 2.0+

Release date: Out Now

  • Sensitive and precise
  • Comfortable grip
  • Good price
  • Not much in the way of extra features
  • Potential LED lighting bugs

A fantastic gaming mouse for a lower price. While it doesn’t have the extra features of its Mamba or Hex V2 cousins, the Deathadder Elite performs magnificently.


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