Seeing as Nintendo already do not like me, I guess we’re in a situation now where I may as well just report what I know. Get ready folks.

According to sources at Nintendo, back in early 2016 Koei Tecmo pitched the company on creating a Star Fox themed Warriors title in the vain of Hyrule Warriors. The title, which would have very similarly featured largely melee combat between characters from the Star Fox universe alongside some space dogfighting gameplay, was turned down by Nintendo due to questions regarding the future of the brand. Koei Tecmo’s project would have avoided motion controls, focused on alternating missions between ground combat and a simplified space combat system designed to be simple to control and visually over the top.

It is unclear which system the project was pitched for development on.

While the project never left the design stage, we have been told that Tecmo Koei still wants to work on another Nintendo franchise Warriors title, and Nintendo are still open to working on such a project.

I do have to wonder how much of a role Star Fox Zero’s critical reception played in this set of choices.

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