If you’re running the latest Nvidia drivers, there’s a good chance information about your system is being collected and sent back to the manufacturer.

A report on MajorGeeks points out the most recent drivers (375.70, however the most recent ones just before this may also be affected) install processes which cannot be seen through normal system tools, and are not mentioned during the installation process. These are telemetry processes, designed to collect information and report back to Nvidia.

Nvidia has not explained what these processes are, how the information is sent, or even what is actually being collected. Some theorise that it’s just simple error logging, however others point out three individual processes is a bit overkill for something like that.

MajorGeeks explains how to disable the telemetry processes using a program called Microsoft Autoruns. The process is pretty dang painless, however it’s worth checking back after future updates to confirm they’ve still been disabled.

We have contacted Nvidia for information regarding the telemetry processes, and will let you know if we hear back from them.

NVIDIA Adds Telemetry to Latest Drivers; Here’s How to Disable It [MajorGeeks]

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