The American Dream is basically the VR equivalent of how I picture America functions in 2016, with the presentation both in visuals and audio design of a 1950’s American sitcom.

Basically, guns are used for absolutely everything imaginable.

The American Dream is motion controlled VR game about sitting in a cart on a track and being toured through a world of tomorrow style look at how Guns could be used in everyday scenarios to make the lives of the world easier. From handing babies guns to get their mothers attention to making the holes in bagels on an assembly line, the game is made up of a series of short minigames and tasks which need to be completed by shooting things really well.

Also, when reloading, additional magazines of bullets will slowly fly at you in slow motion to catch in the base of your gun which is pretty cool.

The whole game seems pretty mechanically simple, just point at stuff and shoot, but the visual design and well written and performed dialogue are what really made the demo shown in Melbourne so impressive. The writing was consistently funny, straddling the line between sincere homage and absurdist parody in such a way that the game manages ti make interesting comments about the world without ever feeling like it had to try very hard to pull it off.

Much like Job Simulator or other similar VR games, The American Dream is a simple concept, well written, which can hopefully keep itself fun for its whole running time. It’s definitely one to watch out for in 2017.

I was just a little disappointed to learn Samurai Punk was their studio name and not the genre of the game itself.

[Photo Credit – Becky Gorman]

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