After an ARG that’s felt like it’s lasted longer than the cumulative sum of human experience, Blizzard has finally announced Overwatch’s newest character, Sombra.

As detailed on her official character page, Sombra is an offensive character with a stealth-based ability set. Her first ability is Hack, which can be used on enemies to lock all of their abilities (like silencing in a Moba) or on med kits to prevent them working for the enemy team. Her second ability is an invisibility-and-speed-boost combo with Thermoptic Camo. Finally, Translocator throws out a beacon which can be instantly teleported to back at any time.

Her ultimate ability is EMP, which destroys all shields and barriers and applies Hack to all enemies caught in its blast. Sounds handy for dealing with pesky Reinhardts and Zaryas, to me.

You can watch her fantastic cinematic trailer up top, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer before she appears in-game. She’ll be appearing in the Public Test Realm starting next week, and then will make her way over to the full game at some point after that.

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