Rocket League – the multiplayer car-sport-thing that took everyone by surprise last year – is getting a new, free update today. It introduces a freaking gorgeous map, some new customisation options, a new series of crates, and some tweaks to already existing stuff.

Dubbed “AquaDome”, the new map is exactly what it says on the tin: a brass, art deco, underwater pitch complete with sharks and jellyfish going about their business just outside. There is a hell of a lot of BioShock about it, but when it looks this good, who really cares?

The Hotshot and Road Hog cars have been redesigned too, to give them a more streamlined appearance. Along with them come two extra paid DLC cars, the Triton and Proteus. One looks like a fish, the other like a submarine, and they both cost $2 each.

The bulk of the update is free, though, and will be hitting the game sometime today (October 4, 2016). You can see what is included in the trailer up top, or in the more in-depth rundown on the game’s Steam announcements page.

I’ve always thought adding new maps to Rocket League was a bit weird because most of them are just empty pitches anyway, but now we have some Rapture in there I’m beginning to sea the appeal.

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