The Elder Scrolls Online received the much-awaited One Tamriel update today for PC, which allows all players to access all content regardless of their level. If you’re on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll have to wait a bit longer as the updates are set to launch there on October 18.

Announced back at E3, One Tamriel was designed to make the MMO more in line with its single-player counterparts and their open world gameplay. Areas and quests will scale to the player’s level from the get-go, which means there’s no more grinding in low-level starter areas needed. Alliance restrictions have been lifted as well, so all races can now access all areas.

High-level veterans will be able to play with new characters too, as their levels will also scale in an attempt to prevent the veteran steamrolling through what was previously low-level content when playing as part of a group.

With this update comes a substantial patch that tweaks and rebalance most of the pre-existing content to be more compatible with One Tamriel. It affects everything from questing, item drops (with 30 new item sets), world bosses, UI changes, crafting and more. The update is way too big to list, so head over to the TESO forums to read them all.

As someone who likes The Elder Scrolls Online, this is an update the game really needed. The Elder Scrolls is all about freedom and exploration, so having to stick to what my level and race dictated before was a major let down. Knowing I can now explore freely really makes me want to head back and roll a new character.

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