Ubisoft and Massive have announced that The Division will be getting its much-anticipated Update 1.4 next week for all platforms, on Tuesday, October 25.

The update has been tweaked and previewed by the community on Public Test Servers for the last few weeks. Designed to put the game back on track and fix many of the criticisms the game has faced over the last six months, it’ll make changes to everything from enemy HP to the loot system.

While I didn’t get the chance to try out the PTS servers running the in-development update myself, community responses to it have been overall positive. By the sounds of it, Massive has managed to make the end-game a bit more accessible and loot drops more satisfying, while also stamping many of the long-existing bugs.

I’m looking forward to rolling a new character on Tuesday and seeing if the game’s a bit better than it was back in March.

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