Hey all, it’s that time again where I throw you a nugget of new information on the Nintendo Switch.

According to our source at Nintendo, the same source who leaked the reveal trailer date to us in advance of its official announcement, when the Nintendo Switch launches in March 2017 the Dock will be a part of all packages in all regions.

According to our source, Nintendo wants to launch the Switch with a clear focus on the hybrid nature of the device core to marketing. While a handheld-only package may come down the line, at launch all bundles of the system will include a dock as to not confuse branding around the name. Nintendo considered internally the idea of selling the handheld portion separately, but had concerns that consumers who purchased the handheld without the dock may still think they could connect it to the TV.

There are no plans for the Switch handheld to be able to connect to your TV without the use of the dock.

While this may not be entirely surprising, it may come as a bit of a disappointment for folks hoping for a cheaper entry point to what is likely to be a fairly expensive device.

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