Hello again, Nintendo fans clamouring for information on the Switch. It’s not big, but we’ve got a little additional info for you today.

Over the past few days, much discussion has taken place about the Nintendo Switch potentially having a multi-touch screen on its handheld portion. We said in a recent report that we believe games will not be allowed to require touch screen functionality for any game, as all Switch games will be required to be playable while the handheld is in the dock.

With regards to how this will be circumvented, we believe the solution is that touch screen games will be playable on your TV by use of an IR pointer located in the bottom of the right Joy-Con.


Joycon IR

Having spoken to sources within Ubisoft, we believe that games which support touch functionality on the handheld will use IR functionality to replicate that ability on the TV.

We believe the handheld, when docked, will switch on two small IR lights similar to the Wii Sensor Bar at the top of the handheld screen, peeking out above the top of the dock. The IR sensor in the right Joy-Con can then be used in much the same way as a Wii Remote pointer. This is designed to be used for touch screen replication, rather than the camera turning and aiming functions Wii Remotes were often used for.


We believe this links in closely with our August report that the Joy-Con controllers on the Switch will replicate much of the functionality of the old Wii Remote. Our only trepidation with regards to this report is that it would require you to use the right Joy-Con in such a way that the lettered face buttons appeared to be upside down. This seems somewhat counter to the otherwise well thought-out and stylish design of the system.

Joycon IR Final

So, what do you think of this report? Do you like the idea of IR pointer functionality replacing a touch screen when your game is docked? Let us know in the comments below.

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