Right, this is the big one we have been working on for several days.

According to our source at Nintendo, as well as a source close to the production of the reveal trailer for the Switch, the hardware model shown in the reveal featured a USB-C port for power, situated in the centre of the bottom edge of the tablet. This port will be able to be used to charge the handheld while away from the Switch Dock.

Additionally, both sources have made it clear that the position of the USB-C port on the handheld means you will not be able to charge it while the system is propped up on its kickstand.

The move from a proprietary charger standard to a high-capacity, non-proprietary cable may be a move to counter the system’s reported mediocre battery life. Our source at Nintendo suggests that the system’s poor battery life may be mitigated by the ability to quickly charge it using a portable battery pack or a USB port.

So, would a move to USB-C waylay some of your concerns regarding system battery life? Let us know right down below.

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