Probably our last bit of Nintendo Switch news for a few days, so drink it in while you can.

A source at Nintendo has confirmed to Let’s Play Video Games that the company doesn’t have any plans to support USB Hard Drives being connected to the Nintendo Switch Dock to expand system storage.

Nintendo’s concern internally is that allowing consumers to attach large external drives to the Dock will cause players to see the system as less inherently portable, harming their core branding for the system as a portable home console.

Additionally, Nintendo want to ensure that players can at any time disconnect the handheld from the dock without having to wait for games, save data or other information to sync first. Nintendo’s solution to this is to only allow data to be stored on the handheld, so that any time you disconnect the handheld all the same data is available to the player.

So, are you disappointed that you won’t be able to store additional games at home on a USB Drive? Let us know right down below.

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