Arena Boss-battler Furi is coming to Xbox One.

The all-boss-battle-all-the-time fight game originally released on PC and PlayStation, but yesterday developer The Game Bakers confirmed the game will be coming to Xbox One, too.

According to a tweet on the official account, the Xbox One version “will be Furi in all its glory, plus some exclusive content!”, and shared a screenshot of one of the bosses unique to the Xbox One.

Credit: The Game Bakers / Twitter

Credit: The Game Bakers / Twitter

If you’ve already picked up Furi on PC or PS4 and are worrying about missing out, the developer stated “PS4 and PC players, we love you too! We hear you!

“But one thing at a time.”

As yet no date has been confirmed but, as always, we’ll keep you updated.

In our Furi review we awarded it 70 percent, stating: “Furi is a brief, tight experience that pulls off what it’s trying to do reasonably well. The visuals are stellar, and it takes its few mechanics and stretches them as far as it possibly can with its variety of enemy and encounter designs. While I’m dubious it’ll win any game of the year awards, it’s hard not to be impressed by what’s on offer here.”

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