Fifteen years after the events of Dunwall sees you reprise your role as the nono-syllabic Corvo Attano, but this time you can also assume the role of empress Emily Kaldwin. Our task? To locate, and safely retrieve, our old pal Anton Sokalov from new foe Jindosh, a devilish inventor keen on mechanical engineering and early robotic experimentation.

Joe’s already encapsulated his thoughts on the latest Dishonored 2 preview, so I won’t duplicate that here. I can, however, leave you with my capture footage of mission 4, The Clockwork Mansion, and a quick summary of my thoughts on my first hands-on experience reunited with Corvo Attano…

Short. Sweary. Sarky. Streamer. Spartan. Story-driven games make me happiest. Spectacularly bad at shooters, but loves them. Screams a lot playing horror games, but loves those, too.

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