Digital Homicide, the infamous developer of The Slaughtering Grounds, Forsaken Uprising, and a bajillion other poorly received games, has had all of its titles removed from Steam.

A Twitter user first noticed the removal, with every single one of the developer’s titles being unlisted from the platform:

Later, Valve’s Doug Lombardi allegedly confirmed to TechRaptor that the developer was barred from Steam due to “being hostile to Steam customers”.

This comes a few months after Digital Homicide filed a lawsuit against critic Jim Sterling for $15 million, and only a few days after it began trying to sue 100 Steam users who have written negative reviews for its games for a whopping $18 million. Both cases are still ongoing.

Digital Homicide has received criticism in the past for its output. It has released a lot of games over the past couple of years, and none of them have been received particularly well by critics or with wider players. The developer has also been the centre of multiple very public meltdowns and accusations of vote-rigging on Steam Greenlight, all of which contribute to its long-running feud with Sterling.

The subpoena filed against Valve to acquire the personal information of those 100 users is almost definitely the spark that triggered Valve booting the developer off of Steam. It is said that Valve has “stopped doing business” with Digital Homicide, which means that the dozens of games of theirs currently on Steam Greenlight will now probably never see release on the store itself.


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