EA’s Battlefield 1 open beta is set to close on Thursday, the publisher has revealed.

Kicking off on August 30 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the beta may have only offered a brief sample of two modes and a single map, but the test has been met with mostly positive feedback.

But as EA said on the official Twitter account earlier today: “The war’s not over yet.” If you’ve yet to sample it, you can access it now until Thursday, September 8. It’s too late to snag the bonus (you need to have logged on four separate days and hit level 15), but hey, you can still help with the war effort, by gum.

The beta launch was not without its problems, though, with players struggling to connect. EA acknowledged the issues whilst promising it was working to resolve the issues “as fast as possible”.

EA recently revealed details of a premium pass for upcoming historical shooter, Battlefield 1. The $50 expansion offers new maps, modes, classes, weapons, vehicles, and armies, all of which will come two weeks early to pass owners.

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