Square Enix has teased details of a new game on its Tokyo Games Show website.

If you’re hoping for details, prep your face for disappointment. While the website (via Dualshockers) does refer to a new action game coming next week, that’s all it tells us.

For more, you’ll have to tune into Square Enix’s main stage at TGS at 1pm next Thursday, September 15, 2016 (that’s September 14 at 9pm PST / 2pm CET/1pm BST for us).

Talking of Square Enix; tonight the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack is being played at Abbey Road Studios. You can watch it now via the Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel or the Square Enix Twitch channel, or – if you miss it – keep an eye out on the official YouTube where it’ll be uploaded later on.

Any ideas on what the new game could be? Leave your thoughts below…

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