In yet another Sony-themed exclusive here at Let’s Play Video Games, today we are bringing you a world exclusive first reveal of the official new Sony hydration hardware: PlayStation Water.

Acquired ahead of the planned upcoming press conference reveal through complex legal wrangling, we got our hands on a working bottle of PlayStation Water a few days ago and, after extensive playtesting, are ready to give you our full thoughts on this refreshing, if not conceptually original, beverage system.


The design of the PlayStation Water is simple and unobtrusive. With a single PS logo on the back and a simple explanation of the product on the front, the sides of the system are covered in a blue and white design made up of the icons for the PlayStation home console’s face buttons. The clear plastic casing allows players to see their remaining play time, as well as the inner workings of the system, and ensures transparency regarding the contents of the package.

Making the port into one of the PlayStation face button icon shapes was a stroke of design genius.


While other manufacturers have released their own Water systems in the past, Sony’s unique design perfectly compliments their existing brand lineup. Gamers are often poor judges of self-hydration, so including a pure hydration liquid in their line up of peripherals was a very smart move.

All in all PlayStation Water might be a tough sell to core gamers, but the system should be a part of any gamer’s daily routine.

I must stress, even though the PlayStation Water has not been announced, it is a legitimate product which exists. I did not 3D print this PlayStation Water hardware.

Laura’s gaming journey began in the 90′s when she was given a SNES by her older brother with Mario paint. From that day video games were all she thought about day or night, be it playing them, designing them, discussing them or writing about them.

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