Hideo Kojima took to the stage at Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show event to give a few more details on the upcoming Death Stranding. In true Kojima fashion, he managed to say a lot without saying anything useful.

What we do know is that Death Stranding will be an open world (not too much of a surprise after the open maps of Metal Gear Solid V). We also know there will be a story, and that there will be “some online elements”. Those elements appear to be more than just fighting other players, as Kojima explained his desire for players to connect to each other in more meaningful ways.

He also restated previous promises that the game will support HDR and 4K, and also announced that he’s decided what engine the game will run on. He didn’t say what engine it is, but at least we know he has one now, which means development can really get going.

Chances are we’ll hear more about Death Stranding during the Tokyo Game Show, as Kojima has said he will be around at the event to answer questions guests may have. Whether those answers are anything more detailed than the Sony presser is a whole different story.

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