I really enjoyed the initial early access launch of We Happy Few, but plenty of people didn’t. The biggest complaint was that the survival elements were too demanding, meaning the game was spent arsing around with needs meters instead of actually progressing.

Fortunately, a patch released today (August 13) on PC readjusts these mechanics to take the emphasis off of them. The patch should hopefully be hitting the Xbox One version of the game real soon, too.

Dubbed the Community Balance Patch, the update makes both minor and significant changes to basically every part of the game. Needs have been tweaked and now take longer to fully deplete (sleep in particular now takes over twice as long to drain), durability and damage for the most common weapons have been increased, and Joy lasts longer.

There’s also been adjustments to the procedural generation, as another common complaint was how reliant success was on random spawns of items. New bombed-out houses have been added to the starting area, tough linen spawns more often, plague cures are easier to acquire, and more items are stackable for easier inventory management.

You can read the full patch-notes on the Steam announcement, plus a different post that explains what Compulsion Games has been working on alongside it. While it isn’t a substantial content patch, this update definitely answers the issues early access players have had since launch.

Nice to see the developer listening to our feedback, even if we are all a bunch of Downers.


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