Ubisoft has announced via a blog post its decision to push back DLC for The Division to give it more time to fix the core game first.

When it launched, I really liked The Division and sunk a decent amount of time into it. However, future updates and patches slowly tore the game apart, with bugs and balance issues that were fairly small at first grew into virtually game-breaking problems with each update. An upcoming major patch is dedicated to undoing the havoc previous updates caused and to clear the way for the two remaining expansions.

This update, Update 1.4, will be launched sometime this October. It’ll be fixing a whole list of issues including the most commonly reported bugs, fixing the loot drop system to give players more stuff they can actually use, reducing the bullet-sponginess of enemies, rebalancing both the singleplayer and Dark Zone PvP, and some quality of life UI tweaks.

To make sure it doesn’t have too much on its plate, Ubisoft is pushing back both upcoming paid DLC by a couple of months. The next expansion, Survival, was originally going to release alongside Update 1.4. Instead, it’s now been given a tentative release date of “later in the year”. You can’t get much later in the year than October, so at most it’s only a two-month delay. The DLC following Survival, Last Stand, has now been pushed back to early 2017.

This is something The Division really, desperately needs. The Dark Zone is virtually unplayable thanks to the balance problems, and the whole game is utterly riddled with bugs. I’m optimistic Ubisoft can fix the problems because a lot of them were introduced in later updates rather than original release.

It’s also a nice gesture of good will that Ubisoft is delaying paid DLC in order to fix the game (something Warner Bros. didn’t do with Arkham Origins), even if the cynical part of me is aware this is just to get people onboard to buy the later expansions.

I’m excited to head back to New York when the update’s out. Here’s hoping it does fix the game.

Information About Update 1.4, Survival and Last Stand [Tom Clancy’s The Division Official Website]

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