The Division’s first expansion, Underground, is available now on PlayStation 4.

Right now the pack is limited to PS4 players and those with a Season Pass, or those keen enough to fork out £12 to access the new content. It’s the first of three “major” expansions scheduled for release over the course of the year.

“In the Underground expansion, agents must fight a war on two fronts, says Ubisoft. “Below the streets of New York, enemy factions are regrouping and preparing a large-scale attack. Players will confront these threats with up to three friends as they explore randomly generated dungeons comprised of subways, tunnels and sewers, and recover powerful loot.

“While in Hell’s Kitchen, the Dragon’s Nest Incursion offers the biggest challenge to date, where the Cleaners are developing a devastating new weapon and have set their sights on the Base of Operations as their first target.”

New Gear Sets include  B.L.I.N.D., which offers an improved Pulse skill and flashbangs with this hybrid gear set; DeadEYE, long-range engagements with powerful critical strikes or accurate headshots; FireCrest; with which you can set enemies ablaze with this offensive gear set; and finally Reclaimer, where you can boost the entire group with this ultimate support set.

Earlier today we found out Ubisoft is releasing a movie based on The Division, a new film project starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal. Expect it in December 2016.

I haven’t played The Division since Platinuming it several months back. I’d love to know if it’s worth revisiting; if you’re a Dark Zone regular, let us know in the comments!


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