Review: Antlion Modmic 4.0

Decent quality portable podcasting mic.

As a podcaster who does a lot of travelling, I often find myself trying to cobble together recording setups that are small and portable, while retaining decent voice quality. Gaming headsets allow me to combine my travelling headphones with a mic, but that mic is usually pretty poor. Meanwhile, my Blue Yeti has decent quality, but is also decently heavy and bulky to carry around in a travel bag. Finding a happy medium between size and quality is a difficult balancing act.

With this all said, I was very interested to try out the Antlion Modmic when it was sent my way. A small boom microphone, the Modmic is aimed at headset users looking for a small, high-quality microphone add-on that can be easily fastened to the side of an existing headset, or simply held for portable usage.

Finding a happy medium between size and quality is a difficult balancing act

The Modmic comes in a small, sturdy, reinforced case which contains both the mic and its cable, a set of adapters for various setups (USB and standard mic and headphone jack splitters come included), and a series of fasteners for those looking to connect the mic to a headset. The whole set when packed into the case is the size of a small TV remote, which makes a small and light travelling set for someone looking to prioritise space when on the move.

So, let’s get to the microphone itself. The Modmic is basically a microphone covered in a basic pop filter on a flexible boom. The end of the mic features a magnetic clasp which, when paired with a series of sticky metallic pads, allows it to be attached to multiple headsets or desks and still allow the position to be tweaked afterwards. The system worked well for me, and made it easy to switch between use cases (attached to headphones, on a desk, in my hand etc.) for the mic. The cable is far longer than the average user will ever need, likely providing a large amount of slack cable in most situations.

When it comes to overall audio quality, the Modmic is pretty darn decent. It’s no dedicated condenser mic, but there’s a lot more depth of sound to the recordings made with it compared to any comparable size built-in mic on any gaming headset I have used or reviewed. The primary issue I found compared to a dedicated condenser mic was the amount of vibration it picked up when used with my PC, but even that was a very minor complaint when compared to the bump in quality over built-in headset mics.

It’s never going to replace either my mixing board and XLR mic or my Blue Yeti

Overall, I think the Antlion Modmic fits quite nicely into my own setup as a decent quality travel mic for podcasting. It’s never going to replace either my mixing board and XLR mic or my Blue Yeti, but it’ll certainly be coming on a lot of upcoming work trips with me to save space.

A review unit was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.

Manufacturer: Antlion

MSRP: £34.99

Input: 1x USB 2.0+ / 1x Mic Port

  • Small and light
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Picks up some vibration

A decent mic that outperforms build in headset mics, but is more portable than larger condenser mics.


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