Following our report last week regarding the Nintendo NX featuring advanced vibration technology and motion sensing in its new Wii Remote replacement controllers, Let’s Play Video Games has learned some additional information regarding the current version of the NX development hardware.

According to anonymous sources that have contacted Let’s Play Video Games following the previous report, we have learned that not only does the current NX development hardware feature a split D-Pad, unlike the solid pads Nintendo typically uses, but that the system also features a share button similar to that on the PS4.

The share button, denoted by a small icon of a camera, will apparently allow the upload of still images and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It will also be possible to save images or video to external memory devices for easier transfer to PC. The button can be found on the bottom of the left controller.

While the reasoning behind switching to a split D-Pad is currently unclear, the above header image was drawn by a source familiar with the current NX development kit and matches a description of the dev kit layout given by a second source who has provided reliable leaks regarding Nintendo products in the past.

So, are you hopeful for the chance to upload gameplay footage from NX to YouTube, or are you fearful of all the footage you upload being Content ID matched or taken straight back down by Nintendo’s legal teams?

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