Editor’s Note: Since running this report, we have learned that the original source was less reliable than they claimed to be. We are sharing this information because, while the specifics such as dimensions below may no longer be precise, our other sources have agreed with a lot of the information as being accurate when presented to them for corroboration. These sources have reliably assisted with multiple, correct leaks in the past. The problems with the original source (who has not been involved in any of our other NX leaks) were our fault for moving quickly on the story, and we wish to be transparent about that fact.

Today’s report comes from a source working on an NX title set to launch Holiday 2017, corroborated and lined up with information from sources we have worked with during the past week.

Our source has given us dimensions for the current NX development kit, as well as detailed diagrams for where things like power, headphones, storage devices and more connect to the device. Our previous sources agree that the dimensions and layout sound correct:

As others already said, it’s a hybrid console with detachable controllers that have a split D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, and a camera / share button. However, something I believe none of them have mentioned is the size of the current dev kit.

It’s slightly thicker than the Nintendo 3DS XL when folded, so 25 mm, with a width of around 281 mm and a height of 92 mm with the controllers attached. Separated, the controllers have the same depth and height, and they both have a width of 38 mm, making the console itself have a width of 205 mm.

I’ve made a picture detailing where the TV port, headphone port, SD Card port, power button and cartridge port can be found.

NX Layout 1

One final thing I thought I should discuss is how the controllers connect. They’re both held by the console via a hole in each side of the system where the controllers can connect to. It sort of looks like this.

NX Layout 2

To take it out, there’s a button on the back of each controller that lowers the center spike that keeps it in place, making it eject from the system.

We also have two separate sources claiming that the current NX development kits are region free, and that those developing software for it have not heard anything about region locking being added before launch.

So, who’s ready for Nintendo to actually come out and show us some official info on the NX already? I know I am. As much as I like digging up info on the system, I would rather us just actually know the official details from Nintendo so we could start a real conversation about the tech.

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