No Man’s Sky’s concurrent PC players have dropped over 90 percent.

According to a Reddit thread (data from Steam Spy), numbers have dropped from a peak of 137,715 concurrent hourly players on 13 August, to just over 10,000 today, just 11 days later.

Image credit: Skoonk / Reddit

Image credit: Skoonk / Reddit

Though there are evident peaks and troughs in the figures – and its inevitable that new games garner a lot of attention which eventually tapers off – the graph clearly depicts a steep fall in engagement, if only for PC players (at the time of writing, we do not have similar stats for PS4 players).

In our No Man’s Sky review in progress, we said: “No Man’s Sky isn’t going to be for everyone, I’m not even convinced it’s always for me, but it’s certainly something unique and special.”

Unfortunately, Laura was unable to complete her review when No Man’s Sky “triggered the first considerable Asperger’s meltdown I have had in over a year“. “I love this game,” she said, “but I can’t afford to lose work days to hyperventilation, self-abusive behaviours, and obsession”.

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