After the controversy surrounding PES 2016’s PC port, and how it was massively inferior to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, you’d have expected Konami to at least make an effort in this year’s instalment, right? Wrong.

According to Adam Bhatti, PES’ Global Product and Brand Manager, PES 2017 on PC will not be based on the current-gen versions of the game. While it won’t be strictly based on previous-gen versions, he warned on twitter to not expect it to be the “same level as PS4/XBone”.

PES 2016 on PC was a weird amalgamation of both generations’ versions. The physics were borrowed from PS4 and the Xbox One, but the graphics and animations were lifted from the PS3 and 360. The Steam reviews are still “mixed” because of this, so it’s surprising (if you’ve never followed Konami, that is) that the same mistake is being made yet again.

Bad news if you were wanting some football action on PC. For the rest, PES 2017 is due to be released sometime this year for current and previous-gen consoles.

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