Destiny – The Collection will release on September 20, 2016.

Rumours of the bundle surfaced last month when a cover shot appeared – briefly – on Amazon UK, neither Activision nor Bungie formally responded to the rumours at the time.

The Collection – which will feature the upcoming expansion, Destiny: Rise of Iron – offers an opportunity for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 wanna-be Guardians to transition to Destiny through an upgrade programme which commences today and will run until January 31, 2017.



Pre-orderers will be able to access the current content – the base game, The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King – immediately in preparation for Rise of Iron’s release next month. You’ll also get a black and silver Iron Gjallarhorn, with some also securing the Iron Gjallarhorn Sparrow, too.

“Destiny – The Collection is the perfect starting point for gamers who have yet to experience Destiny,” said Byron Beede, Sr. Vice President of Destiny at Activision. “Destiny – The Collection contains some of the most engaging content Bungie has ever created and the soon-to-be-released Rise of Iron. It also includes a character boost that will allow new players to instantly join in with friends who are already enjoying Destiny.”

Rise of Iron is also set for release on September 20, 2016. Yes, of course I am excited.

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