Sales of 2DS and 3DS XL are up 234 and 222 percent respectively following the phenomenal success of Pokémon Go.

According to a report by MCV, the sales boost comes as a direct result of players seeking out other Pokémon titles, making Nintendo the top boxed games publisher for both units sold and value last week.

And it’s not just games, either. Sales of card games, toys and even clothing are also on the up, despite consumer backlash to Niantic’s removal of the 3-step signal and its subsequent removal of support for third-party mapping aids.

In our Pokémon Go review, we gave it 60/100 stating: “Pokemon Go is one of the most enthralling mediocre games I have played in years. I know it’s not a great on paper, but I’m in love. I still want to eventually catch them all”.

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