Castle of Illusion (starring Mickey Mouse), the 2013 remake of the adorable Sega Mega Drive game of the same name, is going to be removed from all digital storefronts on September 2.

According to publisher Sega (courtesy of Polygon), the game is being removed due to “the current publishing arrangement coming to an end”. While those who already own the game on Xbox 360, Xbox One (via the recently added backwards compatibility), PS3 or PC will be able to redownload it at any time, it will no longer be available for sale.

Disney really seems to have a thing against games in the past few years. Capcom mysteriously had to drop all support for its Marvel vs. Capcom series in 2013, Deadpool was removed from sale for over a year and a half before making a comeback, and just a few months ago production of Disney Infinity was halted, the studio behind it closed, and the company’s publishing efforts shut down.

Sadly, Castle of Illusion is a pretty neat game. It manages to combine the colourful and cutesy Disney aesthetic with some genuinely tricky platforming at times. It’s not exactly ground-breaking stuff, but as someone who grew up with the Mega Drive version it’ll be a shame to see it go.

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