Review: 10 Second Ninja X

Be a ninja, but super fast

In the spirit of 10 Second Ninja X, a game about being a ninja and having to murder everything in a very limited about of time, I have decided that the only accurate way to write this particular review is to be precise, quick and strike at the key points with accuracy. Therefor, I present my 10 bullet (Shuriken?) point review of 10 Second Ninja X.


1) You’re a ninja fighting robots. You have VERY limited time to do this.

2) 10 Second Ninja X is a super hard puzzle-platformer. Think Super Meat Boy, but you’re also trying to use ranged and close quarters weapon while you platform.

3) There’s zero margin for error. You can complete a level for one star with relative ease, but getting enough stars to progress through the worlds, or ideally three-star every level, requires replaying and mastering their split-second micro-timing. Completing a level in 10 seconds is usually (relatively) easy, but completing them “properly” is much, much more challenging.

4) Did I mention that this is super hard? Because it is. Possibly too hard for the average player.

5) 10 Second Ninja X does everything possible to make replaying levels simple. At any time, either after dying or during a run you messed up, an instant level restart is only ever a push of the space bar key away. It’s super easy to lose a lot of time replaying levels and not even notice.

6) I’m going to reiterate again that this game is REALLY HARD! For some this may be prohibitive, but for me the super fast respawn makes it an addictive challenge. Bear this in mind, because it’s literally a game about getting mad trying to shave fractions of a fraction of a second off your times.

7) 10 Second Ninja X includes all forty stages from the original 10 Second Ninja, plus an additional sixty new levels for X. These new levels feel better balanced and designed than those from the original game.

8) 10 Second Ninja X has undergone a large visual upgrade from its predecessor, but has also been considerably tightened up mechanically. It looks far better, and feels much more responsive to play than the original.

9) At times the solutions can be waaaay to obtuse, requiring a lot of brute force experimentation to complete. The harder the level become, the less clear their solutions are.

10) X has fixed the colission detection issues that plagued the first 10 Second Ninja. This makes the remastered original levels far more reliably playable.

There we go, I think that covered it. I could probably have shaved a few points off of that list… maybe got it done in only 8 points if I had cut out some of the repetition. Oh well, I can always try starting over. And again. And again. And agai-

This game was reviewed using a copy provided by the publisher.

Platform: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Vita, Xbox One, PC

Developer/Publisher: Four Circle Interactive/Curve Digital

Price: £7.99/$9.99/€9.99

Release date: July 19, 2016

  • Do you really need bullet points?
  • This entire review is bullet points

Fast paced and precise, 10 Second Ninja X is an action platformer that doesn’t forgive imperfection.


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