It’s the end of an era, as Introversion Software has released its final update video for Prison Architect, showing off the preview build of the game’s last major update.

Producer Mark Morris and designer Chris Delay spoke briefly about the future of Prison Architect at the start of the video. While there will be future bug fixes and patches on the PC version, support for the recently released console ports, and continued work on the tablet editions of the game, most of Introversion’s work will be on their new project, Scanner Sombre.

Prison Architect 2.0 includes major tweaks to the UI and how entertainment works. It’s now easier to identify security weak spots, find the cause of death for unlucky people in the prison, and undo all construction work using a global undo button.

Recreation-wise, TVs now cover a 3×3 area, meaning more prisoners can reduce their need for entertainment. Radios now cover an entire room while slightly reducing the need, which makes common rooms a hell of a lot more useful. There’s also an arcade cabinet which lets two prisoners play at the same time. Prisons were severely lacking in recreational items before, so these changes will definitely make keeping prisoners placated an easier task.

There’s also new events to shake things up, like food poisoning, mass tunneling, and tree fires. I’ve played Prison Architect for about 30 hours and have never had a fire, so maybe that last one will make sprinklers finally worth having?

The update is currently available now on Steam in the betas tab of the game properties. The full release of 2.0 is expected to be next month, so right now there may be some major bugs or hiccoughs.

You can read the full changelog on the Introversion site, or watch the update video found up top. I love Prison Architect, so it’s kind of sad knowing this is the end of the road. Hopefully, the improved mod tools and the tablet version will keep the game fresh for a long time to come, though!


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