We’re a little way off of launching the official Let’s Play Video Games podcast, so why not use this time to catch up on all the other things the three of us have done elsewhere with this huge list of podcast-y goodness?

Note: We’re trying to make a conclusive list here, which means some of the podcasts might be pretty dang old as the three of us have been around for a while. The audio quality for some might not be great, and we can’t guarantee the content will be entirely appropriate or safe for work.

First up is the DestrUKtoid Podcast, which was coincidentally hosted by all of the founding members of Let’s Play Video Games.  There’s 44 episodes of Vikki, Laura and I there to enjoy before we wound up here to carry on under a new name, so get going!

There’s also the slightly older Indie Haven podcast. Indie Haven is a website initially founded by Laura, and I was also the managing editor of for a time too. Laura made regular appearances from the first episode up until episode 111, while I popped up between episodes 81 and 100.

Vikki was also part of the first 10 episodes of her site GGSGamer’s podcast way back in 2010! You can listen to her talk about things like Silent Hill: Downpour and the Kinect back when they were new, which is probably the closest thing to time travel that will ever happen.

Laura’s Podcasts

Laura is a podcasting fiend, running literally a billion different podcasts. If there’s a podcast on the internet, chances are Laura’s been involved in it in some way:

Guest Appearances

  • Vikki has made three appearances on The Sixth Axis Podcast, appearing on episodes 182, 191 and 207 to talk about what was new on PlayStation at the time.
  • Laura’s been on two instalments of the hugely popular Co-Optional Podcast: episodes 69 and 89.
  • I’ve popped up three times on the Checkpoint Podcast, where I spent a few hours hanging out with various streamers and YouTubers: episode 7, episode 10, and episode 11.

Now go forth, indulge thine ears in our soothing voice-noises, and hold tight until we can bring the LPVG podcast to you!

Joe is LPVG’s resident hardware nerd. If it’s overpriced and has gaudy RGB lighting, he’s probably drooling over it. He loves platformers, MMOs, RPGs, hack ‘n slashers and FPS, with his favourite games being Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Oblivion and Dead Space. Don’t ask him about his unhealthily large Monsters Inc memorabilia collection. Seriously, just don’t ask…

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