Back in Street Fighter IV, there were two characters who I was competent enough at to play at a competitive level: Cody and Juri. Admittedly by “competitive” I mean “came fourth in a fandom convention’s side-tournament” and lost with a really stupid mistake, point the point still stands. I like Juri a whole bunch.

So I’m sure you can understand my excitement watching this trailer showing off how Juri plays before she finally makes her way over to Street Fighter V on July 26. It looks like she’s still all about darting around the place to confuse the opponent: lots of flips, lots of sadistic laughing, and lots of kicks. That’s Juri, alright.

If you purchased the season pass, Juri should unlock on the 26th. Otherwise, she’s going to cost you a pretty hefty 100,000 fight money. Hooraaaaay.

I shall just sit here in my corner and wait for Cody. I need Cody. I can win with Cody.


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