It is flat-out impossible to deny that Toby Fox’s indie darling Undertale has great music. The style darts all over the place from chiptune to melodic guitar but everything in there is fantastic.

One of the bits of music that is more well-known than the rest is ‘Megalovania’, the fast-paced epic of a theme that accompanies one of the toughest boss fights in the game.

It’s one of the most popular songs in the game, and of course, that’s made the leap into the real world with countless covers. This one by the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA stands out, because the theme has been made to fit an entire orchestra while also making room for some brilliant solos.

While it is a bit shaky at first, once things get going it really gets going. Seeing so many people come together to play a theme from an indie game and have fun doing it is really nice. My favourite bit is the violinist at the front who’s just rocking the hell out.

Now go get dunked on.

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