Every once in a while, a site other than Humble manages to put out a decent bundle. It’s, admittedly, a rare occasion due to the saturation of indie bundles at the moment, but somehow Bundle Stars has come out in force to release one hell of a belter with its Indie Legends 4.

The bundle costs £2.69 and includes Party Hard, Lethal League, Viscera Cleanup Detail Complete Pack, Door Kickers, Skullgirls, Sir You Are Being Hunted, Reus, and Another World.

Every single game there is fan-bloody-tastic. 2D fighter Skullgirls, very British survival-stealth Sir You Are Being Hunted and serial-killer sim Party Hard in particular stand out as being the best of the bunch. It’s worth pointing out that Skullgirls unfortunately doesn’t include the 2nd Encore DLC that adds voice acting and other features. However, both versions are compatible with each other in the online multiplayer modes.

Even then, this bundle’s definitely worth the cost of a Starbucks Hot Chocolate if you don’t own the games already. Good job, Bundle Stars.

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