Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have announced a whole bunch of new Pokemon that’ll be debuting in the upcoming Sun and Moon.

The bug/water type Wimpod, grass type Bounsweet, fairy type Comfey and ground type Mudsdale join the previously confirmed ghost/fairy Mimikyu and normal/fighting Bewear in the latest trailer. The video also confirms that Global Link and hyper training will be making a return from the sixth generation games.

So far I’ve been really impressed with all the new Pokemon we’re getting in Sun and Moon. I think Mudsdale is my favourite of this wave just because he looks like a tired but friendly muddy chap, but Wimpod also looks way too fed up with life for me to not love him. Look at that little sad bug.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be launching for 3DS on November 18, and November 23 for Europe.

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